3 Free Insights to Revolutionise your Songwriting


I want to share with you 3 free insights that have revolutionised my songwriting exponentially. In lyric writing, vocals and guitar.


Lyric Writing

Lyrics have the power to engage an audience even with an average vocalist. I never agreed with people when they said, “nobody listens to lyrics anyway,” and I am glad that I didn't. After performing I have been able to inspire strangers to sing my songs, even though they have never heard the lyrics. It wasn't through my deftly charisma and good looks, although performance was important. The lyrics allowed for the audience to get involved.



When I was 13 years old, I saw Soundgarden's Black Hole Sun on Video Hits. The dissonant and rebellious instrumentation, hooky chorus and virtuoso vocal performance of Chris Cornell, inspired me to bring my own music into the world. But I couldn't sing like that, nor for many frustrating years. I sang and auditioned for countless bands with no lack of intensity, just no vocal skill. After years of frustration and procrastination, I finally bit the bullet and got lessons, even though I doubted the effectiveness of lessons for vocals. Eventually, I found a coach that got me results and after about 2 years, I was finally able to sing the high notes of the song that initially inspired me.

I was ecstatic for about a week but it wore off and I started to feel frustrated again. I realised that I still hadn't succeeded what I had truly been inspired to do.

In order to bring my music into the world I had to sing with my own voice.

I believe that singing with my own voice is the most direct route to originality and the heart's of any audience.



Getting started is the easy part; figuring out what to do next is the snag. Here are a couple of tips that will save you in the beginning stages of learning guitar:

1) Practice only 15 minutes/day for the first 21 days (this is how long it takes to form a new habit); then gradually add more blocks. This will prevent you from spending hours one day of the week then avoiding it for the rest of the week. If you only practice one or a few days a week you will not embed the learning and likely become frustrated with your lack of progress.

2) Know what challenge is coming next. There are 2 reasons for this: firstly, you will always have something to add when you have learnt something (it won't always take 21 days because some skills compliment each other); secondly, while you are practicing the first skill, the next skill can act as a motivator to get the first one down.


Those ought to save you some time.


Now get writing!



Lachlan Cross


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My Favourite Songwriting Resources



Hi All,


Welcome to my website and very first blog!


To get the ball rolling I have decided to list just three of my favourite resources for enhancing and mastering the art of songwriting.


Firstly, Pat's website,, I just completed a weekend workshop and master class with Pat and he expanded my songwriting methodology beyond my imagination. Pat is a lecturer at the Berklee College of Music and has taught many successful songwriters. His most well known student being John Mayer. You will find many free resources and I highly recommend joining his mailing list for updates about his regular Australian workshops.


Brent Baxter is an active hit songwriter. He is generous and current with his insightful blogs on the industry and songwriting in general. Get onto his blog


Last and lastingly, get yourself a subscription to This site is full of resources on songwriting, from finding the inspiration to completion, from writing the music to cutting the demo. It features numerous songwriting lecturers, all with industry experience, including Pat Pattison. They also offer an affordable song evaluation service via Skype.


With just these 3 links you will not run out of resources for your next great song.


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